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May 2012  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Meeting on June 12th:  At usual place.  7PM, Richard Winslow on inlaid pens

The President's challenge for June will be something turned not of wood. 


Symposium volunteer lists are up online:  Link   Signup now.  More below.  It is upon us, as it is coming next weekend, June 8th.


Will put up online galleries for members if requested.  Only 1 request.  Email me some pics of your work, and I can put it online.  I have not had any requests yet.






Priddle Priddle

Demonstration was Graeme Priddle (Saturday, 9:30AM - 5PM,  May 5th, 2012),

Pics (from James) are at this Link.




May Meeting:


GuyThe meeting was a talk given by Bonnie Glover on kitchen utensils and how to sell at craft shows.  It was quite entertaining, and we send out thanks to Bonnie for a very fine presentation.

She turns a wide range of items:  from salad tongs to spoons to cheese cutters, goblets, needle cases, etc.  She also uses NorPro as a parts supplier. 

utensilsMaking use of the various pieces of wood and the metal utensils found in many places - is something that delights.  

Her finish of choice is CA glue, using 100-250rpm and a cosmetic pad to apply.  Several coats and micro-mesh to complete the finish.    

Wine corks and golf balls with finials are among the items she sells. 



President's Challenge: Harvey's See this page for full pics.

Was kitchen utensils. 

Harvey Klein had perhaps the largest thing he has turned, and he regaled us with tales of rolling pins.  And a salt and pepper mills. 

Winslow had some nifty scoops.  James turned a wood handle for a long BBQ skew which made Pat recoil in anticipation.   Gene Frantz had a nice walnut bowl with inlaid stone.

Barry had a piece made of corian, a lidded box, telling us that it does turn nicely and sands with fine sandpaper.

Curtis had a clear acrylic lidded jar perhaps it is called.  Not easy to keep clear no doubt.  He used micromesh.  Eric had a spoon as well. 



Show and Tell:

Eggs Tom (the new Tom) had a segmented piece with ovals turned on his computer controlled machine (pic at left).  Joe Davis told the tale of the nearly burned down workshop. 

Richard had some tops for Peter.  Louie had quite the collection of kaleidoscopes as he did last month.   Nice work. 

curtisTom Haines had a burl wine coaster and tells the tale of the continued use of the root ball.  

Gordon (the new Gordon, segmented as he is) displayed a very nice segmented bowl from the use of a board of wood.  Pic at right. Wood is wenge, maple, and purple heart. 

nested bowlJames had 2 pieces, bowls that were nicely done. 

Ed Howes had 2 redwood burl pieces. 

And yours truly had a walnut burl bowl. 






AAW 2012 Symposium (June 6-8th) and Volunteering


The list of volunteer jobs are online:  Link  Do check it out now and let David know.

You do need to pay the registration if you want to attend the symposium.  Most volunteer jobs do not require that you be registered.  The slots for volunteering, include times outside of the program time as well as during, ranging from Tues through Sunday.

Early June, only 1 week away, we will have the annual AAW Symposium in San Jose.  A good percentage of club members are members of the AAW and have been to this symposium.   

The instant gallery is open to the public. 

The 3 local clubs will partner to make this happen, and it takes 20 committees to conduct a symposium.   The page for our club is at Link, including the new logo.

David Vannier is leading the charge for our club.  More updates soon hopefully.

For the highlights of the 2011 Symposium, see this Link and checkout the lineup for demonstrations.



Members Only Area:


This area will be used for lists and some communication.  Assume that segmentedYahoo groups will continue for email.  I have placed the member list link on this page.   I boxeshave placed a comment section there and can add other pages on specific topics that members can add comments to. 



User:     was sent out along with the password.  Send me a request if you lost it, but remember Members only.






Other Organizational Items:


The wood auction was quite enthusiastically done, even thought Sydney was there.   There is a trip to Las Vegas planned for later in the summer based on Sydney being able to place bets for those attending.  Thanks to Laura, Barry, and Starry for the wood in the auction.  

wood auction

Eric of Woodcraft collected a few dishes for candy to be contributed.  

San Mateo Library is offering some display space, which direct sales to customers.  Display cases are available in September.

Santa Clara Carvers will be having a show on Oct 13 and 14th.  Expect that WBW will participate with a competition at that time. 

George Lutz delivered the first classes for the club with 16 participants.  He also has a good idea of what the club wants.  Great news that we can figure this out.  May 19th was the date for the next class, but this was postponed because of a conflict with the AAW Symposium. 

Laura spoke about the demos by Jimmy Clewes (still hopefully being rescheduled for the Fall).  A question of gaining feedback on demonstration was raised and acknowledged.  

2 Bylaws were passed: AAW membership for officers required, and a proration for dues for members who join after the middle of the year.

She also announced that the Club was awarded a grant for a demo lathe, so that is in motion.

CA glue is available from Peter Pipe, and Jim has Anchorseal.  The latter has gone up to $15 a bottle.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.  Link to see inventory is HERE.



Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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