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Meeting:  May 2012 - Bonnie Glover on Kitchen utensils


Bonnie displayed a lot of wares and a great deal of enthusiasm.   She covered so many craft items that she sells at art fares that it inspired all. 

 Display at left of her fine crafts. 


Even her marketing techniques were quite inspiring.   Hats off to Bonnie for the very nice presentation and the effort in coming over to the Peninsula.   We should all look for her at the festivals this summer.   She finds the metal utensils in a wide range of places, and then uses epoxy to add a fine wooden turned handle. 


The pieces in the column at left are a segmented piece from Gordon, his first non-hallow form.  The combination of maple, purple heart, and wenge.   The walnut burl bowl was from Yours Truly.  Winslow came through with some scoops.   Tom showed off his segmented pieces with ovals, using a CDC machine.  Harvey's rolling pins, with James and his nice pieces.  Barry turned a piece of corian.  Gene came through with a salad bowl also made from Walnut burl.







Ed Howes was delighted with the response at home and with friends with the turned pieces out of redwood burl at right. 


Harvey turned the peppermills and the salt mill at left, and further shocking the audience he showed off the rolling pins at left also.   He the master of the miniature, left us all surprised. 




more Kaldi


The kaleidoscopes made by Louie at right certainly seem ingenious for the variation in the device inside. 


Tom Haines

Tom Haines continues to work on the root ball supply with the small hallow form at left.   He also had a wine coaster, which is a good use of that size wood. 


The spoon made from apricot from Eric of Woodcraft and the scoops from Winslow said us Guys are ready for the kitchen.  Richard also had 2 tops for Peter. 

Eric and Richard






The burnt piece at right is evidence that one can so easily come close to burning down the shop, as Joe detailed. 




Curtis had a clear acrylic lidded box (not shown), which takes some doing and a lot of polishing using micromesh on the surface. 



Jim LaflinJim Laflin brought a wide range of tools for sale from  the family of a deceased woodturner.  


wood auction





And thanks also to Laura and Barry and Starry who supplied the many pieces of wood for a nice wood auction. 


All-in-all a good night of wood and tools gathered and enthusiastic presenter. 


And special thanks to the photographer, the lovely Mrs. G.