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April 2011 Newsletter  

Barry's work

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Next Meeting:  May 10th,   Location:  Sunnyvale Church Location


Next meeting is Tues, May 10th.   Agenda is Surface Texturing.   See the home page for the details.

President's Challenge:  Egg with surface decorations

David Vannier continues to work hard on the Collaborative Entry for the Club.   He is asking for more contributions in miniature to add to the display.   

AAW is running an eBay auction.  Check this link.

Main Agenda - April:  Surface Decorations


Peter The meeting was well attended, with about 45 present.   Curtis did a great job of leading a series of informative short talks on a wide range of topics on surface decorations.Don

Don Jensen (at left) - Fake Gold Leaf

Don gave a good description of how to use a gold leaf kit to first add adhesive and to work the gold leaf into the surface followed by an acrylic coating.


Peter Pipe (at right) - Easter eggs 

Peter described in detail how to make an Easter Egg.  See the homepage for a link to his written directions.

egg in progress The egg is easily shaped from a spindle turned piece if you taper one side and make the other side a half sphere.   


Lutz's inlay

George Lutz - Dyes, stone inlay

George showed examples of inlaid stone.  See the pic below left.  See Hatcher demo page for more details and advice on how to do and acquire the materials.   Dyed wood - Lutz

There was also discussion on dyes after bleaching the wood, as Pytlik demo displayed.   Applying the dye from the inside of the turning allows for the appearance on the outside to take the wood grain pattern, as exampled from the piece at right.  

The full report on that demo day can be found here:  page. With the list of the best Bleaches to use.


Tom Haines - Epoxy grouting in woodturning

Tom HainesTom detailed how the epoxy can be used in woodturning, with the challenge being the sagging and flow before it sets up.   Getting rid of the air bubbles by putting the piece while curing in a vacuum chamber is required along with keeping the epoxy in place.


Claude on torching:

The key in torching is having a good flame width such that the burning of the wood is on the surface and not into the wood.  antique look can be achieved with this and light sanding.  


Thanks to Carolyn for the photography.

President's Challenge and Show and Tell - April:


Ron Gerard Daniel's pen There were a number of folks who brought items to the meeting for presentation.  Pres Challenge was a spindle turned piece.

Ron Gerard, alias Wood Chucker first class, displayed his prowess in sewing needles, or darning needles.  You get the point.  Bill Daniels showed the pen made from watch parts molded.  He has done well with the CA glue finish.

Dan Schkolnik showed several boxes.  Budd showed a nice flower vase.  Tom Haines brought in an example of a epoxy grouted piece.  Gordon Rockhill showed a long thin necked spindle turned piece that inspired one he made: a goblet.   

goblets Salt Mill Richard Winslow came in with some nice spinning tops, as he has contributed quite a few to Peter and the kids.   Lonnie displayed an egg and a holder.   Glenn had a salt mill with salad bowl finish (at right). 

Claude had a goblet (see the multi-colored one at left).   He also had a burned piece in the form of a goblet.  Gene Franz had a carob duck call, which he demoed.   Tom Haines showed a candle stick.

Bob Bley showed a music stand that he made some years back.  Quite an impressive amount of work.   



Elm Nat edgeIn Show and Tell:

Harvey Klein  showed a small goblet, a bobbin, and a vase (see at left above).  Cecil talked about dowel making and Howe had a few bowls from the recent walnut.  Dan had a maple burl piece.

Bob Bley brought in some natural edge Elm (at left) from the Woodpile.  It was a nice size.   Winslow had a small bowl with a eye on the base.   Haines brought a bowl from quilted Redwood.


AAW "Turning 25":  congrats to Jon Sauer

Jon's Piece

Two pieces

This was sent in as entry in the Turning 25 AAW contest representing WBAW. 

Remember that this is the single turned piece that fits in a 8x8x8 in cube.  

Thanks to all that entered. 






Starting an online Turning Forum on Bowl Finishing:  Come Join in June?

Most have experience in using and being a part of a online forum, help group or some other iteration.    I have installed on our website the capability to have a totally interactive forum for our club on any topic that a member wants to initiate. 

I ask at this point, if you are interested in participating in a forum on finishing, to send me an email.  If you are interested in learning more about clear finishes to wood bowls then here is your chance to blaze a new path.   Just let me know.  No one has yet responded, so the online response is consistent.


Coloring the woodChris Pytlik Demo was on March 13th.   Laura Uden and George Lutz sent in reports which can both be found here.








Laura informs us that  Paul Fennel is planned for Oct 7th of this year.  See the homepage for links and details.  Example of his work at left.  He does hallow forms with carvings.

Other org items:

The Club will have a competition event this year.  Email Laura if you can participate in the committee to organize.    Also there will be another look into the meeting location, since the cost of the current locations is deemed a bit high.   Let Laura know if you can also participate in this committee.

Peter Pipe is now the King of Kling, the CA glue guy.  Please let him know of your needs in this area.

Jim Laflin let us know that the Anchorseal currently available (18 gals) might be the last group shipment discount available due to the increase in cost of shipping.  We will see. 

The Club now has its own desktop lathe and a grinder. 

There are also good reasons to join AAW.  See our website for details and a link to AAW and to a video.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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