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October Meeting

Tuesday, October 9, 7 pm

Harvey Klein - Christmas Ornaments

President's challenge:
Do a Trent Bosch turning
See his demo photos here to give you some ideas.

Bridges Community Church
625 Magdalena Ave, Los Altos



Upcoming Events

October 12-14
Segmented Symposium
St. Louis Missouri
More info here

Wednesday October 17 7pm
Sawdust session
Bob Bley's shop
158 Hillside Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Tuesday November 13
WBW meeting
Program: Barry Uden - natural edge with bark
President's Challenge:
Sam Angelo's gilt or metal reactive paint on a turning

Tuesday December 11
WBW Holiday dinner and party

Barry Uden


September 2018 meeting: Mark Koenig on sharpening


Mark gave us a tutorial on sharpening.
What kind of grinding wheels are used?
At what angle should the gouge be ground?
How does one measure that angle?
If you use a jig, how should it be set?
There were many questions answered if one listened carefully.

See Meeting photos here



Demonstration - Sam Angelo - Sunday September 9 2018


The demonstration was hosted by Silicon Valley Woodturners.
Sam's presentation was mostly about decoration. He described and demonstrated techniques such as:
-Faux gold metal leaf application
-Metal reactive paint application
-Use of gilt cream
-Texturing using various tools
-Use of dye to color from the inside of a closed form bowl
Demonstration photos are here. There are a large number but they are in sequence of the demo.



Musings by Dave Vannier

This has been a busy month, but I finally found some time to turn. I succeeded in finishing a few projects, but started several new ones. Some of you may remember Ray Key demonstrating for us a few years back. I found a stacked box that I just hadn't gotten around to finishing the bottoms. Left them out to finish, and learned the next day that he had passed away. Finding the pieces brought a smile to my face, as I remembered some of the stories he told over lunch at Provo Utah when I got to sit with him and Stuart Mortimer, both professional turners from Europe. Was about all I could do to not choke on my food. His death is a reminder that life is fragile and we need to enjoy everyday we have. I need to try to close a finish more projects, cherish the time we get to spend with friends, and don't miss out on learning opportunities, they just might be another opportunity.

Our president's challenges are suppose to give you an excuse to try to do something new, or an opportunity to share you experience with others on a given topic. This month's challenge was to do something from Trent Bosch's demo. For those that didn't make it, he hollowed out using his specialized hollowing tool and the visualizer system. Expensive, it really looked cool! Tom Haines made his own version of the visualizer. Another project that I have started, but not finished. In any case, give it a go and share what you learn.

Harvey Klein is going to make the chips fly and show us how he make Christmas ornaments. I have several of his ornaments, they are wonderful! Just in time to get you ready for the holidays.

I will close this out with our most difficult topic. We need someone to step up and be president for next year, or someone to volunteer someone. Most of the officers have agreed to stay on another year, and Bob Hedges has offered to drive the monthly programs. So, as a club, we just need to elect a president. With that said, if someone would like to take on one of the other jobs, feel free to throw you name in the hat! Please don't ask me. I've been an officer or held a job for 15 of my 18 years that I've been a club member. We need fresh blood to bring in new ideas and try new things. We eliminated term limits a couple of years ago, but I still think doing the same thing over and over gets boring. You probably know someone who would do a great job of organizing us and setting a direction. Talk to them, twist their arm, let one of the officers know! I've loved being part of the club, made a lot of good friends, and learned a lot. I won't kid you, it is work, but the rewards are also there.



AAW Turning of the Week


Ralph Pugh
117 pieces of wood glued up and turned
Black and white veneer,
Sapele Ribbon,
Makore Curly,
Yellow Heart,
Finished with Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Gun Stock finish
Click here to see larger image



2018 WBW board members and committee chairs.

President:  Bud Trapp
Vice President: Bob Bley
Treasurer:  Duncan MacMillan
Secretary:  Roman Chernikov
Member at Large: David Vannier
Meeting Program Coordinator team:
- Harvey Klein, Dave Plemons, Richard Winslow, Claude Godcharles
Visiting artist Coordinator:  Bob Bley
Anchor seal:  Dennis Lillis
CA Glue:  Tom Kenyon
Craft Supply:  Richard Winslow
Coffee & Cookies:  Phil Feiner
Librarian: Bob Hedges
Audio Visual: Curtis Vose
Website:  Tom Haines

click here for contact information on the above


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   Tom Haines