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November Meeting

When:Tuesday, November 14, 7 pm

Ornaments - by Richard Winslow

President's challenge:
Forms that you had to do over.
The forms could be improved.
What would you change

Bridges Community Church
625 Magdalena Ave, Los Altos



Upcoming Events

Sunday November 12, 2017, 9am
Carl Jacobson
Woodturner and prolific Youtube purveyor
Demonstration flyer here
Location: Silicon Valley Woodturners - directions
Sign up with Mike Lanahan - email
Flyer below

lidded box

Tuesday December 12
WBW Holiday potluck dinner
Sign up at November meeting

Saturday March 10 2018
Rudy Lopez
Production Woodturner

Saturday May 12 2018
Trent Bosch
Wood Sculptor/Turner


October 2017 club meeting: Guy Michaels - Alabaster forms


Alabaster is the stone of choice.
An excellent dust collection system is required.
A wood ring bonded to the stone works well and looks good. The wood is segmented and pieced so that no end grain is exposed, otherwise absorbed moisture will cause the wood to detach fron the stone.
The form of the piece is of great importance.

For meeting photos click here

Guy & Alabaster


Duncan MacMillan's thoughts about WBW

WBW is quite simply a place to meet with others of likely greater skill and those just picking up skills. The common interest is turning wood from something on its way back to nature into our own works of art. Well, art sometimes happens by design or luck or simply the eye of the beholder.

For a newcomer to the hobby, WBW is a safe place to meet - no judgments or rankings of skill, just folks who enjoy a common hobby and are willing to ask and answer questions, swap tales and generally help out. Most of all, while there are members who turn on their lathes weekly, perhaps daily, there are plenty of us who need the meetings to keep an oar in the water or to have a routine way of staying in the boat, so to speak. This incentive is better than letting skills or lathes languish without a reason to keep them turning.

The member and "professional" demos from touring woodturners are valuable ways to learn best (and safest) practices. Far easier than getting around to reading or even finding time to watch a DVD, the demos offer interesting forums and an excuse to get the learning job done...and to have lunch as well, in the case of most Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Less obvious opportunities exist for helping WBW by standing for one of the club's board or committee activities. You don't have to be an expert woodturner to serve on the board. There isn't even a lathe in the meetings, after all. The time requirement for board meetings is not a big add-on, with only four meetings per year. Think about it, especially now with elections around the corner.

Duncan MacMillan


Professional Demonstration Sunday November 12

Carl Jacobson


It is time to pay dues

The club needs money to operate. For $30 you receive more than your money's worth. Send Bud Trapp a check made out to the order of WBW. Or bring check or cash to the next meeting.

Bud Trapp
501 Portola Road, #8143
Portola Valley, CA 94028

Bud also needs other information:
Member of AAW? If not, click here. If renewing, click here.
Advise any changes to: address, home phone, cell phone, email, spouse's name


2017 WBW board members and committee chairs.

President: Tom Kenyon
Vice President: Bob Bley
Treasurer:  Bud Trapp
Secretary:  Duncan MacMillan
Member at Large: David Vannier
Meeting Program Coordinator: open
Visiting artist Coordinator:  Bob Bley
Anchor seal:  Dennis Lillis
CA Glue:  Tom Kenyon
Craft Supply:  Richard Winslow
Coffee & Cookies:  Phil Feiner
Librarian: Bob Hedges
Audio Visual: Curtis Vose
Website:  Tom Haines


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   Tom Haines

WBW   Website  San Francisco Bay Area, West Bay, California