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May/June 2014  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Upcoming Events:


Next meeting on June 10:  7PM at the Bridges Church:  Directions


Agenda: David Vannier has graciously offered to present a discussion and demonstration on the art of cutting blanks from raw logs. He will offer his insights and wisdom on the best approach to maximize the potential of a log, in both quality and wood grain quality. Be sure to bring a pencil and paper as Dave will share white board examples of the best way to cut a log.


President's Challenge: Multi-layered lamination bowl


Future meetings: 

June 8 - The June meeting will feature a panel of finishing experts discussion their methods and materials used to finish turned art work.

August 2 - Club BBQ and Judging Competition - See below


AAW Suymposium - Phoenix AZ June 13 to 15


Upcoming Professional Artist demonstrations - Look for announcements



President's Turning Thoughts:


Juried Club Competition and Awards: News Flash!!! ... The WBW Juried club competition and awards has been scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd, at Jim Laflin’s house. This will be a combined event to include the annual August barbeque and judged competition. This is a change from previous years as we are combining the two events together. Participants in the competition will check in their turnings between 8:30 and 9:30 AM Saturday morning. From about 9:30 till noon, the Judges will evaluate each piece based on skill level the type of turning, form, design and finish. All members and guests are welcome to the annual August club barbeque and hopefully by the early afternoon, we can announce the winners of the competition. Even if you are not participating in the competition, I urge all members to attend to see what your fellow WBW’s are turning. Look for upcoming details on the club web site and information to be shared at the June 13 members meeting. All of you interested in competing should start turning now!


Ray Key      

Ray Key – Professional Artist Demo: For those of you lucky enough to attend the Ray Key professional Artist Demonstration, I know the experience was very rewarding. Ray is a professional wood turner from Great Britain, with more than 40 years experience. To honor the memory of Dale L. Nish, Mr. Key was in the U.S. as a presenter at the Utah wood turning symposium. He is noted for his lidded boxes and decorative edge platters. Ray had sufficient time at our club demonstration, to turn a fine lidded box, one of his signature Pagoda boxes and a platter with many decorative rim treatments. This was provided under the back drop of his extensive wood turning story telling narrative.

The down side to this presentation was the scant attendance of about 15 individuals. From my perspective Ray’s demonstration of various ways to apply platter rim details, was highly informative. This event also saw the first use our new GoPro mini HiDef camera that we used to video some parts of the over-the-headstock turning. We will be making use of this technology and our other HiDef camera for future Artist demonstrations and club presentations. The board is committed to bringing the membership the best possible learning experience by using the latest visual equipment.


Free Wood Turning Hands On: We will be presenting the Free Wood Turning Hands and sawdust sessions later this summer, as soon as scheduling can be finalized. Barry Uden will be presenter at Session Three, which will focus on Bowl turning, sanding, reverse chucking, finishing and more. The date for these presentations will be in July or August. Whether or not you attended the earlier sessions, you will gain valuable insight and hone your skills at this class. We have plenty of room to accommodate all members that are interested in attending these sessions. Please be on the look out for the upcoming announced date of Session Three.


Name Badge Raffle Participation: Since we announced the free raffle for members who wear a shop made name badges, participation has been increasing. Thanks to all those who showed a bit of club sprit by wearing their badges to the meetings and thereby making it easier on some of us, who can’t remember breakfast much less your name. The May meeting saw an even larger number of individuals participating in this get to know your fellow wood turner.


Symposiums: Along with 7 other Bay Area wood turners, I was able to attend the Utah Wood Turning Symposium on May 15th to 17th. If you haven’t had a chance to attend this gathering or the AAW Symposium you should make every effort to do so. It will improve your wood turning artistic and technical skills, and motivate you to try new things.


AAW is holding their yearly Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona, June 13 to 15. The symposium is relative close to us this year (next year it will be somewhere on the east coast), so you may feel like taking a trip to the South West. For details of the demonstrating artists please see the latest edition of American Woodturner or logon to the American Association of Woooturners web site. http://www.woodturner.org/


President’s Challenge Participation Points: The current standing in the Presidents Challenge participation point contest has: Larry Dubia, George Lutz, Harvey Klein and Tom Gaston all tied with 8 points each. Tom Haines is close behind with 6 points. Participate in the Presidents challenge and you might win a nice prize at the end of the year. We also award points to the individuals that assist in the setup and tear down of the Visiting Artist venues, so if you can’t turn you can always help out moving the club lathe.


Honoring a Tree: Dave Vannier has written a wonderful article posted on our club Web Site titled, Honoring a Tree. Look for it on the right hand side of the home page or here


Tom Kenyon          

May Members Meeting Demonstration Recap: Tom Kenyon provided a well thought out and very clear power point presentation on how to make multi-layered lamination bowl (some folks referred to this as a vortex bowl). He is becoming quite the master of this style of turning. Tom’s power point presentation walked us through the process steps and design elements needed to glue up one of these decorative turnings. If you want more information on the techniques that Tom uses, see him at the next meeting and ask.


May: Presidents Challenge – Shop Made Tools or Jigs: Participants include Bob Rowe (box joint jig), Larry Dubia (segment stamper/press), Al Soliz (segmented bowl cutting), Tom Gaston (parting tools ), George Lutz (segment press), Harvey Klein ( a tool roll of mini tools), Louis LaTronica (trapped reverse chuck), Claude Godcharles (reverse ball chucking jig) and Peter Pipe (reverse chuck)


May Show and Tell: Many of these items are pictured on the club web site. Featured works at the May show and tell were: Larry Dubia (with a Redwood bowl), Bob Rowe (really small bowl), Tom Gaston (21” Laurel bowl, and a she-oak bowl), Tom Kenyon (XXX feature band on segmented bowl), George Lutz (Olive burl bowl and pens), Bill Hubadek (gold buff finish) and Tom Haines (laminated vase).


See photos of President's Challenge and Show and Tell here.


Be sure to read the "Bay Area Woodturners celebrate 25th Anniversary" article, page 5, current issue of the American Woodtuner by our own Grant Allison.



Curtis Vose, President



2014 WBW board members and committee chairs.


President:  Curtis Vose

Vice President:  Patrick Crowley

Treasurer:  Bud Trapp

Secretary:  Ken McCloud

Member at Large:  TBD

Meeting Program Coordinator:  George Lutz

Visiting artist Coordinator:  Bob Bley

Anchor seal:  Jim Laflin

CA Glue:  Ken McCloud

Craft Supply:  Richard Winslow

Coffe & Cookies:  Phil Feiner

Website:  Tom Haines


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   Tom Haines

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