West Bay Woodturners

May 2013  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Meeting on June 11th:   At Bridge Church location

Agenda:  Shop Safety, presented by George Chisholm (Woodcraft teacher)

The challenge for May is a piece with your best finish and/or the worst and indicate why.








Occurred: Doug Fisher

Date:  Friday May 3rd

Off center and textured turning.

See the pics:  Link

See his web-site:  Link


 November:  Mike Gardner on Hallow forms without hallowing, surface embellishment, and square bowl turning with multi-axis. 


Possible Q1 2014 Ellsworth. 



May Meeting:



Lonnie The main agenda item was Bill Johnston presented his process for turning and finishing a bowl.  The documented flow will be documented and placed in the Salad Bowl finishing page (see tutorial column on homepage).   His process is simpler than before with fewer coats and quite good results.


out of centerThe Presidents' Challenge was an Off-center turned piece.  A good example was Harvey's pieces at right.  Others submitting were Richard Winslow, Ed Howe and Budd Trapp - see the homepage for pics.


Show-and-Tell included a Vigae bowl from Bob, a Olive mis-shaped bowl from John, and Trapp had a cedar hallow form.   See pics on homepage. 



Other Organizational Items:


wood auction

CA glue is available, and Jim has Anchorseal at $15 a bottle.


July is sharpening techniques, and August is the BBQ at Jim's where chain saw safety is the topic. 


The club clothes were sold out. 


Finances look strong. Paid your dues? Better do it.  Is now $35 with late fee.


Remember, the most dangerous item in the shop is you.





Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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