West Bay Woodturners

Mar 2013  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Guest Newsletter Artist:  Tom Haines


Meeting on April 9th:   At Bridge Church location

Agenda:  Multi-center turning, presented by Brian Havens from SVC

The challenge for April is a bangle or captive ring.







Just Occurred:  Mike Jackofsky


Date:  on Sunday, Mar 10th at the Covington School, 201 Covington Rd, Los Altos. 

Mike is a real turner and a talker.

 Amazing how fast the turning and the talking goes.

He turned two hollow beauties that were auctioned.





Coming soon: Doug Fisher

Date:  Friday May 3rd

Off center and textured turning.

Don't miss it!

See his web-site:  Link








March Meeting:


LonnieThe main agenda item was the presentation on turning of bangles with metal inserts by Lonnie Hurst. What are bangles? The Ladies love'em and Lonnie showed us how to make'em to the ladies' satisfaction.




Other Organizational Items:


wood auction

CA glue is available, and Jim has Anchorseal at $15 a bottle.


Shirts are still available for $5 each, so let Ross know if you want one (or more). $5 is a real deal!  Stuff is on closeout sale.


Finances look strong. Paid your dues? Better do it. $35 with late fee.


Remember, the most dangerous item in the shop is you.







Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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