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June 2016  Newsletter

Barry's work

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June Meeting:

When: Tuesday, June 14, 7 pm

Where: Bridges Community Church
625 Magdalena Ave, Los Altos

Agenda: 'Natural Edge' by Bob Bley

President's challenge: Turning with a non-wood component



Upcoming Events

July meeting: 'Chatter demo' by Jon Sauer
President's challenge: natural edge

Professional demonstration:
Sharon Doughtie - Saturday July 30
Hands on workshop - Sunday July 31
Her website here

August meeting: BBQ

Professional demonstration:
Brad Adams - Saturday October 29
His website here

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May Meeting Recap:

May 2016 meeting - Gordon Peterson - Turning stone


Gordon de-mystified the the turning of stone by telling us how stone turning differs from wood.

Use carbide tools. An inexpesive set may be purchased from Harbor Freight. Scrape only.

Collect the dust. But he said the dust is not as bad as usually claimed. A simple collector is sufficient. Alabaster is the stone of choice but there are other options.

Stone is available from several sources.
See the web site.

stone with finial


Seen at the May Meeting

open segment Gordon stone with finial


More Words from Dave Vannier

At every demo, I try to walk away with 3 things. Always 3, not more, not less.

One of the things I walked away from Ashley's demo may seem simple, and is something I had heard before, but guess I didn't take it to heart. "As turners, we don't practice, we go out and make things".

When I first started turning, I did practice. I would go out and spend a day doing finishing cuts, taking a 1/64" cut or less from start to finish. It would take me a day or two to turn a small bowl, but it really helped me learn.

The last few years, I just made stuff, no practice, very little feedback. As my tremors have gotten worse, my turning has also slipped, and I spend more and more time sanding.

So, thanks to Ashley's demo, I've gone back to practicing. I have plenty of roughed put bowls. Many have pretty boring. So practice it is!

What is the difference between practice and making stuff? Practice finds the piece cut in half. I get feedback on how I'm doing, looking at the thickness. It also lets me get light from different angles to see any tear out I might have missed. It also means I don't spend time sanding! I'm trying different grinds.

I've got my own variation of Ashley's 40/40 grind, David Ellsworth's grind, Glenn Lucas's grind, and the "Irish grind" that I saw at a symposium. All are different, and all seem to work differently for different woods.

Now, this doesn't mean I don't just make stuff as well. But, I'm trying to spend at least one day a week practicing.



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