August 2020 Newsletter

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August Meetings

Three meetings are planned for July all virtual via Zoom
Co-hosted by West Bay Woodturners & Silicon Valley Woodturners.

Wednesday, August 5, 7 pm
Program: Art Liestman Demo on Therming
"I Just Make Stuff"
His website:

Monday, August 10, 7pm
Program: Show and Tell

Wednesday, August 14, 7 pm
Sawdust Session

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tea pot

Upcoming Events

August 28-30
Southwest Association of Woodturners
SWAT main page

September WBW-SVW virtual monthly meeting
Program: Mike Lanahan on editing photo images

September 18-20
Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium
Rocky Mountain main page


Show & Tell - Wednesday July 1


This virtual Zoom meeting was co-hosted by WBW & SVW
Photos of the show.

Program - Monday July 27
Craig Timmerman - Turning a torus

Originally planned for July 13, Craig was rescheduled for July27.
Craig demonstrated the turning of a decorative and functional torus. A torus is a doughnut shape which in this case stood on edge and functioned as a bud vase. His process was well thought out and highly instructive. His audio/video setup was professional and seamless.
He has blessed us with a resource list available to WBW members.
His website

torus Craig torus 1

This virtual Zoom meeting was co-hosted by WBW & SVW
See some snap-shots from his presentation

Sawdust session - Wednesday July 15


This virtual Zoom meeting was co-hosted by WBW & SVW
Photos of the sawdust session.

"As the Wood Turns" About the 40/40 Grind - by Dave Vannier

With my tremors, any attempt to obtain a freehand grind has been hopeless. Turning is body motion, but freehand grinding is arms and hands. I’ve just not been able to find a position that my body would allow me to get a decent grind. But I’ve always wanted to try one to see how it works. I have to say I’m sold! Took a little bit to find the edge, like using anyone else’s tools, but one I did, wow! What a clean cut. I took a small madrone burl piece, turned the outside and couldn’t believe it was that nice. I put some 180 sand paper to it just to see if it really was that good. Yes it was. Tried to cut the inside, not so much luck. First inch went awesome , then it stopped cutting. Grrr. Sharpen, try to cut, sharpen, try to cut, sharpen, try to cut. What in the world! took my standard gouge, no cut. Scraper, shavings then nothing. But, the scraper took enough off to see a dirt pocket. Put water on it, soaked it, it is like concrete. Not sure what I’ll do with it. So I picked up another small piece of something, didn’t label it have no idea. Turned with the 40/40 grind. Was a pleasure. I think I’m going to switch over! I now have Glenn’s grind, Ellsworth’s grind, my standard Irish grind, and the new 40/40 (Batty grind). Confusing to say the least.

40-40 grind

Well, I don’t know if you saw the ad in the latest AAW magazine for a jig to use the wolverine and get a 40/40 grind. I went off, curious, and looked at his video’s and his jig, ~$30. He did a good job of explaining it. For those who struggle with freehand grinding, this might just be your answer.

For those of you who like to make your own tools, you can read on about my adventure. I have to say, it would have been cheaper to just buy it. But I’ve never been know to take the easy route. One of my teachers in college told me “an engineer is someone who will spent 6 months making a tool to do a job that they could have spent 2 hours doing.” Afraid that is me. It took 2 days and I did it slightly different. It looks as if he has 3D printed everything. Well, having a laser and a 3D printer, I took a different route, making one part with the 3D printer (1 hr of print time), and a laser cut piece of acrylic. Works like a dream now!


Editor's note: For clarification see this video
For product information see Ron Browns website

2020 WBW board members and committee chairs

President: Tom Gaston
Vice President: Bob Bley
Treasurer:  Jon Bishop
Secretary:  Roman Chernikov
Member at Large: Claude Godcharles
Meeting Program Coordinator: TBD
Visiting artist Coordinator:  Bob Bley
Anchor seal:  Dennis Lillis
CA Glue:  Tom Kenyon
Craft Supply:  Richard Winslow
Coffee & Cookies:  Phil Feiner
Librarian: Kelly Smith
Audio Visual: Curtis Vose
Website & Newsletter:  Tom Haines


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