West Bay Woodturners

Jan 2013  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Meeting on Tues, Feb 12th:   At Bridge Church location

101 Ways to Chuck, presented by Barry Uden and Pat Crowley

The challenge for February is a carved or burned piece that is turned.







Upcoming:  Mike Jackofsky

Date:  on Sunday, Mar 10th at the Covington School, 201 Covington Rd, Los Altos. 










January Meeting:



The main agenda item was the presentation on Carving and Burning by Lois Vannier.

You can see the videos on this demonstration here.

Lois discussed both the technique, safety procedures, the equipment, and how to finish.








Other Organizational Items:


wood auction

CA glue will be available, and Jim has Anchorseal.  The latter has gone up to $15 a bottle.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.  Stuff is on closeout sale, Link to see inventory is here.

Finances look strong.








Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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