West Bay Woodturners Association

January 2012 Newsletter  

Barry's work

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Next Meeting:  Feb 14th,  Starts at 7PM,  Location:  Bridges Church, Los Altos

   Dr Podlone

Agenda is Tom Howard to demonstrate the making of thin necked goblets. 

President's Challenge:   Lidded Box

Elections and other business




Main Agenda - January:  Old and New Turnings


Main agenda item was presentations by the members on old and new turnings.  President's challenge was on great tools and the worst tools.      Have no report nor pictures.



AAW 2012 Symposium and Visit  


Next June will find the annual AAW Symposium in San Jose.  A good percentage of club members are members of the AAW and have been to this symposium.    The Club will assist in the volunteer ranks to make this 2012 Symposium a success. 

The 3 local clubs will partner to make this happen, and it takes 20 committees to conduct a symposium. 

David Vannier is leading the charge for our club.

For the highlights of the 2011 Symposium, see this Link




Clewes Clewes


Next Demonstration is on Mar 11, 2012: 


Jimmy Clewes.  Should be a good one. 




Other org items:


Dave Vannier provided a lot of information about the AAW Symposium, and the volunteer help still needed by our club.  He will fill us in on the general details.

Pat took a vote to agree on the Bylaws, and discussed the issue of incorporation. He also covered the officer roles that needed to be filled for 2012, and took nominations for some of those roles. Pat said we'd take a vote in February, I think.

Dan Schkolnik talked about the library, and options for sorting out the books to either increase usage or replace them with videos.

 Laura spoke about the upcoming demos by Jimmy Clewes (Sunday, March 11th) and Graeme Priddle (Saturday, May 5th - joint demo with Silicon Valley Woodturners).

CA glue is available from Peter Pipe, who informs us that it is difficult to maintain a "sensible inventory", which when said with a British accent contains some humor.  Thanks Peter.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.

Club Patches have arrived.   Each club member should already have received one. 


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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