Instruction Materials for How to Build a Segmented Piece

 David at the podium   Jan '10         David Vannier            Basic Segmentation Part 1       Notes found here.

    Feb '10         David Vannier            Basic Segmentation Part 2      Note found here.


 For a description for the segmentation:   If you've been thinking about trying your hand at segmentation, or tried it and had questions that you would like to ask, then our 2 meeting program in January and February 2010 are for you.  This started in January, and assumed that you have not done segmentation before.  As a group, the club selected a shape for the vessel that we will design in detail in Feb. 


With the shape designed, we will discuss different designs for feature rings and how to make them, followed by selecting a design for our vessel.  On this website:

* The vessel shape is a pdf file:  Jan Segmented vessel shape

* The chart for calculating segment sizes is:  From More Woodworkers by Ken Horner

* The excel spread sheet that I use to do the math for me is:  club project Jan Feb 2010


In the February meeting, we prepared a cut sheet, discuss different methods of cutting the pieces and the tools required.  Included was a discussion of jigs that David uses, along with info on how to construct them will be included.  By the end of the program in February you will leave with a plan for the vessel that we designed along with all the information required to cut up, build it, and turn it to a finished product.  David cut up such a design and offered on silent action just that design.