West Bay Woodturners Association

October 2011 Newsletter  

Barry's work

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Next Meeting:  Nov 8th,  Starts at 7PM,  Location:  LAYC, Los Altos


Agenda is Feedback from Competition on Nov 6. 

President's Challenge:   Christmas ornament 

 For December:  gift exchange. (Let Larry Maggi know what you will bring to the Dec party/potluck)

Competition on Nov 6:  see this Link.  Enter a piece in each category.   Great fun for all.

December meeting:  Christmas potluck, Dec 13th.  Contact Larry Maggi to help out. 


Main Agenda - October:  Spiral Turning by Tom Howard


Dr PodloneMain agenda item was a presentation by Tom Howard on Spiral Turning.  See the home page for the details and the video.  Tom showed a wide range of different applications of spiral turning.  From candle stick holders to this thin necked goblet.  

In general it is about carving the spiral using simple rules and tools.  The empty center piece is accomplished in much the same way.   the worksRanging in size from small to large, spiral turning can be useful in such things as Christmas ornaments.

Thanks to Tom for coming to the meeting and giving us a look at the skills he possess and his sense of humor. 


We had 6 visitors in addition to our friends from AAW.  A good turn out of new folks.

President's Challenge (anything Halloween related) and Show-and-Tell:     had a lower turnout than usual but a lof of enthusiasm.

LutzEdWe were entertained with Ed Howes pumpkin with turned tops as accents.  Lonnie led the way with several entries including a vampire stake, which he almost impalled Pat with (you had to be there).   Don Jensen had a snake he made with his grand kid.  Karl and daughter both brought magic wands made by them.  Richard Winslow had a very nice pen.   Pat had the ornament at right.

LonniesLonnie continued his display of items with a steady rest made (plans to Lutzbe on the website soon), along with LED lights (very cool), and a good set of Honeywell safety glasses usable with prescription lenses.

mystery guy


AAW 2012 Symposium and Visit  


Next June will find the annual AAW Symposium in San Jose.  A good percentage of club members are members of the AAW and have been to this symposium.    The Club will assist in the volunteer ranks to make this 2012 Symposium a success.  The 3 local clubs will partner to make this happen, and it takes 20 committees to conduct a symposium.  David Vannier is leading the charge for our club.

For the highlights of the 2011 Symposium, see this Link.

AAW does assist in two kinds of insurance, one being liability, a hot topic these days.   So being a member has various benefits and is highly encouraged by the Club, but is not mandatory. 

We were visited at the Oct club meeting by Cindy the ED of AAW and Dale Larson, a BD member and accomplished turner.   We thank them for coming and to Dale for donating a bowl for a raffle.  The good news is that Cindy did not win this raffle, so there is hope for the rest of us.  LOL

The annual meeting attracts close to 1700 turners and will occupy the San Jose Convention Center for several days in downtown. 

There will be local demonstrators, and the deadline was Oct 15.  So hopefully all applied in time.




Next Demonstration is on Mar 11, 2012:  Jimmy Clewes.  Should be a good one. 


FennellDemonstration on Oct 9th:  Paul Fennell, for carving hallowed forms.   See this page for details, pics, and videos. 

Oct 9th (in a week), with the hands-on session on the 10th.   Thanks to Lonnie for hosting, and to Laura for arranging.













Michael Hosaluk gave a fine demo on August 12th.    See the website page for details and videos.



See this page for details

and checkout the various videos covering the demo. 






Other org items:


Eric from Woodcraft announced a Sorby demonstration at his San Carlos store this coming Tues. 

There is also a tree at the store available to the Club to display our ornaments, with selling as an option.  Hopefully someone will report on how we are doing on this front.

The Club will have a competition event on Nov 6th with feedback provided at the Nov club meeting.  Email Curtis or Laura if you can assist in the effort to organize.   

The meeting location will shift after the first of the year to LeRoys church in Los Altos, near Magdelena and the freeway.  Hats off to LeRoy for making this happen.  Details to follow as well as a map.

Tri-Valley had a show on Sept. 17, 18th.  Several club members had tables there, but no report yet.

Anchorseal supply from Jim is now gone.   Let him know when you see him if you want more in the future.  It is not easy for him to do this, but he asked for feedback.

CA glue is available from Peter Pipe, who informs us that it is difficult to maintain a "sensible inventory", which when said with a British accent contains some humor.  Thanks Peter.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.

Club Patches have arrived.   Each club member will receive one. 


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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