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November Meeting

Wednesday November 16, 7 pm at Bridges Church

  McNaughton vs One Way coring sytems
  by Jerry Galli

  Show & Tell

  President's challenge:
  A lighthouse spindle turning inspired by
  Kelly's demo from last month

  Bridges Church map


Wednesday October 19 2022
Turning a lighthouse with good proportions by Kelly Smith


Kelly demonstrated the turning of a lighthouse. This was spindle turning, held between a chuck and live center.
Details are important, he explained.
Finishing was done by removing the live center and then cutting off from the chuck.

See a video of the program

Photos of the President's challenge and Show & Tell


President's Words - Claude Godcharles

At the Palo Alto Adult School where I teach woodworking, we had a dramatic table saw kick back incident last week.

While no one was physically hurt, those involved were shaken and developed a new appreciation for how much power is involved with such events.

Many of you don't use a table saw, but you all use a lathe, and similar situations can occur where a piece breaks up or loses its holding grip. We are all mostly aware that this can happen, but it remains an abstract concept until one experiences it, and then you might learn too late that you had become complacent, or did not take proper measures to prevent an accident from happening. I won't get into any details here of safe practice or personal protection, but I will look into a meeting program about safety next year. Meanwhile you can always find videos or articles about turning safety and potential accidents.

This month's program is in the works and we are trying to show you two of the most popular coring systems at work, the Oneway and the McNaughton. We are finding some challenges in setting up such a demo (Chip and I made a funnel!), but that is also something we will share and you will get an appreciation for the intricacies of coring.

This month's president challenge is, you probably guessed it, a lighthouse spindle turning inspired by Kelly's demo from last month.

Until then,
happy and safe turning.

"As the Wood Turns"
Transparency and sharing - by Dave Vannier

Recent events in my life have had me feeling nostalgic. I started this turning journey and joining WBW over 20 years ago. Over the years, I’ve benefit from many different turners, including members of the local clubs and professional demonstrators both those we have brought out as demonstrators and at the many symposiums that I’ve attended. Lessons learned went well beyond just turning.

In general, turners believe and practice the art of paying forward. In my paid profession, I had the opportunity to speak at conferences with thousands of people attending. But, at no time did I share the level of knowledge that we share with each other as wood turners. Ask a demonstrator a question, and they will do their best to answer. Sometimes their answer is beyond our skill level to even attempt, but they did tell us. This means that as an art, they have to keep evolving, creating an ever changing field. This evolution means there is always something to learn. I live to learn.

As a club member, think about ways to pay it forward. Opportunities abound. An example would be the recent “Turn for Troops” with woodcraft. We are still doing the beads of courage work with SVW, so don’t forget it. Try doing a club program at one of the monthly meetings. If someone calls and asks for help, give it a go! You may not think you have anything to share, or enough experience to teach, but trust me, I learn something from everyone. You will probably learn as much as you teach. If nothing else, you will get to know another turner better.

Being an club officer or taking on a club position can be very rewarding, and there are plenty of people around that can help with the ropes. Think of the time as a learning experience, not a job, and you will see the reward. Sometimes it’s all about how you look at things.


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2022 WBW board members and committee chairs

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Vice President: Tom Gaston
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