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January Meeting

Wednesday January 18, 7 pm at Bridges Church
      Extended Show and Tell, with focus on the gift exchange
      pieces that we gave each other at the potluck
      Bring back the item you received, and if the maker
      is present we will enjoy more details on the making of it
  President's challenge
      "Your secret weapon" : a tool that saves the day in a
      tricky situation

  Bridges Church map


Wednesday December 21 2022
Holiday party and gift exchange


A long standing tradtition is the holiday dinner, gift exchange and ornament raffle. The festivities started at 6 pm and ended later with a bunch of well fed and happy gift receivers and rafffle winners.

Hoiliday party photos

Chip Chip

President's Words - Claude Godcharles

Welcome to 2023!

Looking forward to a more normal year, although the current weather is far from normal. I ended up with half of my shop tools sitting in water from a side wall infiltration. Luckily, one thing I had on hand and know how to make is wood shavings, very useful to absorb water in a hurry!

We had a nice Holiday potluck, and as is our tradition, the program for the January meeting will be an extended Show and Tell, with focus on the gift exchange pieces that we gave each other at the potluck. So bring back the item you received, and if the maker is present we will enjoy more details on the making of it. You can also bring and show any other piece from recent months so we can catch up on everyone's latest.

More programs are in the works for the year, but if you have any topic you would like to see, let me know. There is also great coordination underway between the Bay Area clubs to bring in professional demos in the near future. However our club does not currently have a demo liaison, please jump in if you can participate in discussions with the other local clubs. It's a great way to get to know other turners from our area!

Enough said,
going back to turning!
Claude G.

"As the Wood Turns"
Joining a woodturning club - by Dave Vannier

So why join a Woodturning club? There are many answers to that question. For me, the first two reasons were learning opportunities and sharing this turning addiction with others who suffer the same addiction.

The learning opportunities include our monthly programs, the show and tell, president’s challenge, and the professional demonstrators. Over the 20+ yrs I’ve been a member of WBW, I’ve seen so many programs and done many. The saying that when you teach, you learn more than your students is very true. I’ve seen people demonstrate that struggle to present, but still share things we can all learn from. Sometimes we share information we had no idea we were sharing. The president’s challenges are intended to encourage us to try something outside our comfort zone. Show and tell can be a great source of inspiration. The professional demonstrators, and hands on sessions, give us opportunities to expand the knowledge base. Of course, one should not forget the symposiums. This provides a very focused time with time to make friends from across the globe while seeing different techniques and forms of art.

Our turning addiction crosses all forms of professions, genders, religions, politics, etc. a real melting pot. I’ve made so many friends with people that I probably never would have crossed paths with. It has enriched my life more than I could have imagined. Too many have passed, and at the end of each year I think back and smile thinking about all the good times we shared. So, I recommend joining any and all clubs you can. Each have their own ways of running, but they are all made up of good people who share our passion. If you haven’t renewed, please do. Thank you for being part of my life.


2023 WBW board members and committee chairs

President: Claude Godcharles
Vice President: Tom Gaston
Treasurer: Jon Bishop
Secretary: Roman Chernikov
Member at Large: TBD
Meeting Program Coordinator: TBD
Visiting artist Coordinator: TBD
Anchor seal: Dennis Lillis
CA Glue: Tom Kenyon
Craft Supply:Tina Chou
Librarian: Kelly Smith
Audio Visual: Curtis Vose
Website & Newsletter: Tom Haines


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Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.