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Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday January 19, 7:00 pm
Via Zoom
Show & Tell
President's challenge: Hinged box or lidded box
Program: Review of gifted turnings from the holiday party
Members watch your email for Zoom notice
As always - guests are welcome
To inquire - email guest@westbaywoodturners.com


Wednesday December 15 2021
Holiday Party - Show & Tell and Gift Exchange


The holiday party was an in person event. There was light food and beverages. Members turnings were shown then presented in a 'show and  tell'. The highlight of the evening was the gift exchange. By random choice each giver gave to a recipient who in turn gave to another.
See photos of the gift exchange  
See Show & Tell


"As the Wood Turns" To foot or not to foot - by Dave Vannier

To foot or not to foot, one of those eternal questions which I hope to survive all the slings and arrows headed this way.

Over the years of turning, we all develop a style/form that we are drawn to and like to turn. I find that most of my bowls have had little or not real foot, just a curve to the table. Recently I’ve been exploring bowls with different feet, most getting turned off cause I just wasn’t happy. Carved feet are an exception, maybe because it adds a bit of lift and negative space to the appearance, maybe just because I’m still learning how, so something new to learn. Hollow forms are a different story. I don’t do a lot, mostly because I don’t think I’m very good at them, I feel beat up when I’m done, and they aren’t functional.

But, I’ve started the year off with my first two completed pieces being hollow forms, one with a foot, the other with the foot turned off. Neither has any finish yet, but that is for this afternoon. My clear preference is for the one without a foot. I may have to see if I can remount the other and turn the foot off. The other might be my best hollow form ever, imho. Maybe I’m learning. Both are from a silver maple tree that came down in our big wind storm last year. Lots of figure, lots of punk. Not ideal wood, but worth the work.

In the end, I have to say I don’t have a foot fetish. How about you? Stay well and we will chat at the next in person meeting!



Join the conversation on Slack! by Tina the Slackmeister

For the past few months, several members have been using Slack to informally share photos and videos of works in progress and ask each other questions. It hasn't been too steep of a learning curve and probably easier than back hollowing. It's been a fun way to casually share photos without the pressure of broadcasting to the entire club and you can see what people are up to! If you couldn't attend the December meeting in person, you'll find high quality close-ups of the show and tell pieces as well as numerous photos from local adventures and a short video from Claude's November demo.

What is Slack? It's a free website and mobile app (so you can use it on your computer and/or phone) that's like a mix between a traditional online forum and a messaging group chat. You can keep conversation topics organized into separate "channels" and reply to specific threads so it's easier to follow a discussion in a large group. It also supports direct messages to anyone in the group without needing their contact info. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'm happy to give another walkthrough. Click here for the invitation link where you can sign up with your email address (but hurry, the link expires in 7 days and then prices will double). Hope to see you there!

Following are some photos shared on Slack in the past month


2021 WBW board members and committee chairs

President: Claude Godcharles
Vice President: Tom Gaston
Treasurer: Jon Bishop
Secretary: Roman Chernikov
Member at Large: Fred Colman
Meeting Program Coordinator: TBD
Visiting artist Coordinator: TBD
Anchor seal: Dennis Lillis
CA Glue: Tom Kenyon
Craft Supply:TBD
Coffee & Cookies: Phil Feiner
Librarian: Kelly Smith
Audio Visual: Curtis Vose
Website & Newsletter: Tom Haines


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