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December Meeting

Wednesday December 21, 6 pm at Bridges Church
  Holiday party
  Social with turkey dinner (turkey provided, bring a dish)
  Gift exchange
      Bring a turning as a gift-your best work
      Go home with someone else's best work
      Bring an ornament to raflle
      No gift, no ornament? ... come anyway and enjoy

  As always:
  spouses, partners, family and guests are welcome

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Wednesday November 16 2022
McNaughton vs One Way coring sytems
by Mike Lanahan and Chip Krauskopf


Mike provided a comprehensive Power Point presentateion of the OneWay and McNaughton coring systems with emphasis on the OneWay system.

Chip showed how by actually coring a blank (into two bowls) using the McNaughton system.

Mike's presentation
Video of coring demo

Photos of the President's challenge and Show & Tell


President's Words - Claude Godcharles

The Holiday potluck is upon us! What a great time to enjoy with our friendly woodworking group. We will have our famous gift exchange, where you can go home with some of the nicest turned work from our members. Here's how it works: you bring one of your best pieces. You will get a number ticket, and we will draw tickets until all the pieces get distributed. There's a bit more to it, but I'll let Dave explain the details on site, he does a good job. Everyone who brings a piece goes home with another turner's work.

We will also have a raffle of ornaments / small turnings / miniatures, with pieces donated by members. The proceeds help fund the club activities, such as... this potluck dinner!

And the food! We will have a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy provided, the rest is up to you to make it as festive as you like! Please use this online sign up sheet so we can plan for the right amounts:

One note about safety regarding the resurgence of COVID, the flu, and whatever else is out there: if you don't feel good or feel ill, please stay home. We will send a reminder a day or so before.

Have a great Holiday season!

Claude G

"As the Wood Turns"
Found wood - by Dave Vannier

Well this week was one of those special times. Those of you on slack probably saw my call for birch wood. Trying to do some deep hollowing, and white birch is particularly good for that. Well this round of storms took down a birch tree about 4 miles away. Ask and you shall receive! Or so I hoped. In the rain, I tried to contact the home owner. Certain they wouldn’t care, but just in case you didn’t know, California has it as a felony to remove wood without permission. I succeeded in talking with a young child, but not communicating with him. So, I gave up and went back the next day. Sure enough, they didn’t care, and actually thanked me for helping them out. A win-win situation. So, I set off to cut the tree up enough that I could haul it home. Birch is pretty light, so the pieces were still big. But I was wet and cold, and figured I could cut it up at home on Monday. There was some rot in the base, explained why the tree came down, but hoped it wouldn’t go far.

Monday morning, dry but still kind of cold, I start cutting away the rot. First cut on the trunk was about 10 inches. Hmm, rot still showing. So I grab my handy dandy sears probe, a long screw driver and check to see how far the punk goes. Ugh, nothing solid. So I cut away 18”, and repeat. And repeat, and repeat. Nothing through the entire trunk. Oh well, I’ll get some small hollow forms out of the limbs. Nope, rotten as well. So, I’ve got a pile of sawdust from the chainsaw, and a pile of rotten birch.

Moral of the story, is free wood is never free, and sometimes it is extremely expensive. If you collect free wood, remember sometimes it’s wonderful. But sometimes it’s a waste of time. Doing it with a group, at least makes it social.

Still looking for birch! Please let me know if any comes up,


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2022 WBW board members and committee chairs

President: Claude Godcharles
Vice President: Tom Gaston
Treasurer: Jon Bishop
Secretary: Roman Chernikov
Member at Large: Fred Colman
Meeting Program Coordinator: TBD
Visiting artist Coordinator: TBD
Anchor seal: Dennis Lillis
CA Glue: Tom Kenyon
Craft Supply:Tina Chou
Librarian: Kelly Smith
Audio Visual: Curtis Vose
Website & Newsletter: Tom Haines


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