West Bay Woodturners

Sept  2012  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Meeting on Oct 9th:  At usual place.  7PM, Turning of Tauga nuts

The President's challenge for September is anything spiral or Halloween related. 







Rescheduled:  Tom Wirsing

Will occur on Friday, Nov 9th at the Bridge Church. 


  Signup is required a few days beforehand.




Sept Meeting:


GuyThe main agenda item was spiral turning of a hallow form, as given by Dottie.  It was quite informative, and we thank Dottie for a very informative presentation. 

Dottie walked us through the way in which spiral cuts could be drawn and cut. 

You can see the videos on this demonstration here.



President's Challenge: Harvey's

Was a flat bottom bowl or a inside-out turning. 

Starry had a good try at 2 inside-out turnings.

 Bob had 2 flat bottom bowls:  walnut and a mystery wood.

Ed also had a inside-out turned piece. 




Show and Tell:

EggsThe piece at left had pictures in circular sections, laser engraved.

Sydney had a platter and a dish/bowl from the AAW youth turning.   

Natural edge by Bob, inspired by Ross.    

James had a curly maple rolling pin. 




WBW Competition Oct 13 and 14th


The competition is upon us, is occurring at the Prospect High School in Saratoga.  All of the info and forms can be found at this Link.



Members Only Area:


boxesThis area will continue to receive updates, and currently shows the results of the competition of 2011 and the members list.     I have placed a comment section there and can add other pages on specific topics that members can add comments to.   The member list is posted there as well.



User name:     was sent out along with the password.  Send me a request if you lost it, but remember Members only.






Other Organizational Items:


wood auction

November meeting will include club officer elections. 

CA glue is available from Peter Pipe, and Jim has Anchorseal.  The latter has gone up to $15 a bottle.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.  Stuff is on closeout sale, Link to see inventory is here.

Ron had some avocado to be picked up, so thanks a bunch Ron.

Finances look strong.

Christmas party and gift exchange will occur again this year. 






Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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