West Bay Woodturners Association

July 2011 Newsletter  

Barry's work

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Next Meeting:  BBQ on August 9th,  Starts at 4PM,  Location:  Jim's


Agenda is good food and a demo by Jon Sauer on chatter tool.  See the home page for the details.

        There will also be an auction of wood and tools, so bring some contributions and cash.

Come before 3:30 if you can help setup.

President's Challenge:  Nothing at this meeting.   Please bring any wood or tools for the auction.

Sept Pres Challenge:  any bowl.


Main Agenda - June:  AAW Symposium Report and Dueling Bowl Video


Finished collection David Vannier gave a presentation on the AAW Symposium.   This report can be found here:  Link.

See the pictures and the video on the page for the Collaborative and for a list of the contributors.


Pres Challenge:  at this meeting it was Natural Edge.

Submitters:  Cecil showed a walnut natural edge as did Gene Franz and Starry.   Ed Howes had a "beggars" bowl which we will all need in the future.   Black Acacia was a big hit at this meeting, with Gordon showing several pieces, and Bob Tang displaying a large deep hallow form with natural edge.  Glen had an small Olive natural edge piece.  Lonnie had a plum holy bowl.   Bob tang also showed us a Lyceum winged piece and a colored piece alla Pytlik approach. 


Show-and-Tell:  had a good turnout with Rich "our Craft Supplies Buyer" Winslow with another Olive bowl.   Tom Haines had a Black Acacia with routed grooves filled with epoxy.    Gordon Peterson showed another one of his segmented pieces with 25 coats of DEP which after 15 coats tended to fill holes.  Montessori wood was on the top I believe and is cheaper than Ebony but similar in appearance.   Lonnie has been making some wood jewelry which well received.  Harvey "small is beautiful" Klein showed us a earring stand and some clocks on a thin wood stand.  Lou had some pens of a wide variety of woods.  


Started an online Turning Forum on Bowl Finishing:   Click here  to get started


This is intended as a general knowledge base, but can be useful to collect and share some knowledge on various turning techniques, starting with finishing.    It is now open to the Club, and hopefully with your help and engagement will become a useful interactive source of information for us all. 




Michael Hosaluk is now set for August 12th, coming soon.   Hosaluk See the website for more details.

.This demo has been announced via Yahoo Groups.   It is being planned for 9AM to 4PM. 


Signup is required.  See this page for details and Yahoo groups for the signup. 

 Contact Dan for any questions.







Paul Fennel is planned for Oct 9th of this year,Fennell with the hands-on session on the 10th. 

See the homepage for links and details.

Example of his work at left. He does hallow forms with carvings.









Other org items:


The Club will hopefully have a competition event this year, and it looks like Nov is the time period.  Email Laura if you can participate in the committee to organize.    Also there will be another look into the meeting location, since the cost of the current locations is deemed a bit high.   Let Laura know if you can also participate in this committee.

Tri-Valley is having a show in Sept.  More details hopefully forthcoming.

Plenty of shirts are still available, so let Ross know of your purchase plans so he does not have to carry the stuff to every meeting.

Treasures report:  have over $2800 in the account.

Pres Challenge will continue to be tied to the program content.

Club Patches have arrived.   Each club member will receive one. 


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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