West Bay Woodturners

July 2013  Newsletter

Barry's work

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Meeting on August 13th:  4PM Summer BBQ at Jim's:  Directions

Agenda:  Eat and be merry.   Demonstration of Chain saw safety and some good wood raffled.  See the homepage of the Club website for more details. 

Remember bring your own chair and adult beverages.    Thanks in advance to Jim for hosting and for Larry for his continued culinary arts and hustle. 






Demo by Mark Gardner in early November.   Details to follow.  

         Hollow forms without hollowing, surface embellishment, and square bowl turning with multi-axis. 


Ellsworth Demo in Q1 2014 being finalized.



Occurred: Doug Fisher

Date:  Friday May 3rd

Off center and textured turning.

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See his web-site:  Link








July Meeting:



LonnieThe main agenda item was a discussion by Barry Uden - lathe tool angle sharpening, tool grinding and finish cuts.  Barry demonstrated how he sharpens on a grinder with the CBN wheels for shaping the gauge and then maintaining the sharpness with the Tormek slow speed wet grind.

Barry also demonstrated his finish cuts on a wood bowl.   He uses multiple bowl gauges, always using a sharp one.  Honing on a gauge does assist in the process. Using a negative rake scraper he is able to achieve a very smooth wood surface prior to sanding.    Peter Pipe added some instructions on the sharpening and use of the skew. 

out of center

The Presidents' Challenge was a piece turned in the past 6 months.  Harvey brought several pieces that were a collaboration with a segmented wood worker.  

Barry Uden had a buckeye and a walnut kingwood bowls.  out of center Tom Haines came with 2 vases. 

Bob Bley showed a large hollow form made from redwood burl.  out of center

Claude had a large walnut salad bowl. 

Glen had a hollow form of spalted sugar maple. 

out of centerTom showed a stave segmented piece.

Laura M had a nice inlayed piece.   Cindy had 2 bowls.

Cecil had two platters that were segmented. 

Bud Trapp showed 3 pieces including a cherry burl off center piece.  

Luis had some stones on turned bases. 

 Mike Papa had 2 bowls and a lidded box. 

Ed Howes showed a wine bottle turned from walnut. 




Other Organizational Items:


wood auction


October will be the competition.


CA glue is available, and Jim has Anchorseal at $15 a bottle.


The club clothes were sold out. 


Finances look strong.


Remember, the most dangerous item in the shop is you.



Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   TGannon

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