Pen Materials (for Standard Pen kit)

Standard 7MM pen mandrel

7MM Brad PT drill bit or a 9/32in Bull nose drill bit

Make or buy a wood pen drilling gig

280 and 320 grit sand paper and 0000 stell wool

Crystal coat liquid friction polish or French Polish

CA glue

Liberon wax stick

3/8 shallow spindle gouge

3/32in parting tool


Pen kits & blanks.  Can be bought at a variety of places, Craft Supplies and others.

Bill Johnston had some other advice as well:  there is also a training video at this site.

Bill Baumbeck carries a full range of top quality pen making supplies.

Warning, this site sells top of the line stuff  so you will discover prices are much higher than other sites.

At least once a year Bill sells pen kits at a deep discount.  You have to be patient.... visit the site often.

I recommend the Norseman drill bits.  They are top of the line.  Last year I placed an order just to buy the Norseman drill bits.

Bill's pen blanks are quality and I have found no other place with a larger selection of woods.