Demonstration on November 9th, 2012


Wirsing demonstrated the turning of a platter and a bowl, and in the process demonstrated his sharpening methods and equipment, eliminating tear out by scraping techniques, and gave us another finishing approach to consider while providing insights into turning tool technology. 


First video at right shows the making of the platter.  The bowl was made in a very similar manner.



He largely turns pieces for galleries and buys figured Maple from several sources:  Bow River and Collector Specialty Woods in Colorado.   He brought his sharpening station with CBN (Cubic boron nitride) wheels and particle metal turning tools.   He used Stuart Baty handles and gigs for his grinder. 


Scarpers were all sharpened with 20 degree angle in a reverse bevel manner with the burr refreshed quite frequently, perhaps every minute of turning.   He is doing very delicate cuts with several different configuration of these scrapers, but all were crowned not convex for obvious reasons. 



The video at right delves into his finishing approach and the tools he uses.



His finish was Dept Oil soaked with up to 7 coats hand rubbed after the first soaking for 24 hours.