Oct 9th, 2011         Place: Lonnie's. 




Paul Fennell gave a full day demonstration of his unique work.


His tools for carving are shown here, as he sells these tools at a good price. 


 His form of a carved hallow form woodturned was demonstrated.   The video introduction and thin hallow form turning is shown in the videos below. 


See this link for the brochure on the demonstration.





 In this introduction slide show, Paul shows the place he lives that inspires his work, and examples of his carved hallow forms, like the one below. 


carved form




Turning a thin hallow form, Paul uses a wide variety of tools, some he has made. 

 an exampleIn the video at right, he discusses how the form of the finished work takes place.  The example of this thin form is at left.


Some of the useful factoids in this presentation are:

The use of CA glue spread over the surface to limit evaporation and checking, since he positions the pith at the center of the bottom and top. 

 The use of the high-wattage fiber optic light source to adjust the thin wall thickness during turning. 



On the demonstration day, he described the different carving processes in a slideshow, seen at right.  


One can group his carved hallow forms as thin or thick.   The thin ones are close to 1/8 in at the thinnest point, and the thicker ones are perhaps close to 1/2in, such as the one pictured upper left.   


The tools he uses are different in each case.  

thinnerFor the thin ones, the use of the highspeed air tool is used extensively, as it cuts faster on the thinner pieces. See pic above. 



being carvedFor the thicker ones cutting with the dremel or even expensive 50K RPM model with larger burr cutters is preferred.  See pic at right.


He used a good many cutting burrs, and does not suggest only having a few. 


Having something like a Styrofoam piece carved out to hold the item while carving seemed like a useful tip. 


The hands-on class had the participants working on cutting with both techniques on sample forms, to have a good feeling on the use of these carving tools.  Lutz 1Examples of the class are shown in pics nearby. GL2

  pattern test