Notes on the David Ellsworth Demo:

at the lathe

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Ellsworth gave an all day demo, and discussed and demonstrated in detail the making of a bowl, a natural edge bowl, a hollow form, as well as discussed his unique views on sharpening woodturning tools

David Ellsworth

Notes from David Vannier, but first thanks to David for setting this up:

I'm fairly certain that everyone that attended today's demo will agree that David Ellsworth is an outstanding turner and demonstrator.  I personally "learned" a number of things and will be trying use them.

Unfortunately I won't be able to try to put them into practice for at least a couple of weeks, so I hope that I remember it well enough then to put it to use.  I also want to personally thank all of the people that pitched in and helped pull this demo off.  There is plenty of work that goes into making this happen,  examples:


* Curtis did a great job running the camera, letting all of us see what was going on.  David making intros


* George provided the lathe, and he and Jim help me move it to the LAYC facility. 


* David showing usGrant got us in and had the chair set up by the time we got there @ 8:00. 


* Gene provided the transportation for David. 



* Edgar brought in the donuts, projector, camera equipment, ....


* Leroy for the coffee!


* & of course thanks for all the help in cleaning up to everyone that pitched in!