Competition for 2012


Was open to all Club Members.  Pics of entries are found Here.

See the documents at left for all of the details

Dates were Oct 13th and 14th at Prospect High School in Saratoga.




There were 54 entries in the competition.  See the pics at this Link.

Best in class beginner: Glenn Karcher, for his cebil bowl (it’s a South American wood)

Best in class intermediate: Tom Kenyon, for his small segmented piece of fiddle back maple with laser cut images in the central ring

Best in class advanced: Gordon Peterson, for his platter made of walnut with a segmented lacewood rim

Best in class professional: Barry Uden, for his maple burl platter that was textured with a chainsaw and colored

Best in show: Barry Uden’s piece listed above

People’s Choice: Tom Kenyon’s piece listed above



Entry Forms


Curtis will bring some entry forms to next week's club meeting, in case you haven't printed out your forms yet. If you haven't already completed your forms, please make sure you have them done when you drop off your work.


Rules and Information


Curtis will bring some packets of information to the club meeting next Tuesday, as he did at the last meeting. These packets contain the competition rules, categories, skill levels, etc. All of this information is also available on the links on the left.


Raffle Items


The Carvers have asked for a couple of items from us for them to raffle off as a fundraiser, and we would also like to raffle off a few items ourselves to raise money for the club. Dave Vannier and Barry have already donated an item each. If you're willing to donate an item for either raffle, please bring it to the club meeting next week, and the club will make a decision about which items to take.


Getting Your Pieces To and From the Show


Drop off time at Prospect High is from 7:30 to 8:45 am Saturday morning. The deadline for dropping off your pieces is 8:45 am Saturday, as the judging will start promptly at 9:00 am. Curtis and I won't be able to accept pieces after that, as we'll be doing other things (such as collecting feedback comments from the judges).


If you don't think you can get your pieces to Prospect High in time, you can:

Drop them off at Jim's house in Saratoga (call first to arrange a drop-off time) Bring them to next Tuesday's club meeting, or  Ask someone else to bring them for you.

Regardless of how your pieces are dropped off, you need to ensure your entry form is with your piece, and you need to arrange a method for getting your piece back (unless you will be at Prospect High on Sunday at 4 pm to pick it up yourself). If someone else will be transporting your piece, please ensure it's well packed.


Competition Activities on October 13th and 14th - Help Needed


The officers have volunteered for a lot of the competition preparation activities. However, there are still a few things we need to sort out. Please let me know if you can help with these.


Set Up

We need two people to arrive at Jim Laflin's at 6:30 am Saturday, and help load up the lathe onto the trailer

We need two additional people to arrive at Prospect High at 7:00 am Saturday, to help unload and set up the lathe and the tables


Tear Down

We need four people to be at Prospect High at 4:00 pm Sunday to start loading up the lathe, tables, and all equipment into the trailer

We need two of these people to follow Jim home and unload the lathe and equipment (not the tables) from the trailer


Lathe Demonstrators

Please bring your own tools and whatever wood you want to use during your shift