Denise DeRose Club Presentation  Mar 2011


Denise wood purse












Denise gave a sterling presentation on her history and of all of the kinds of wooden purses that she has turned.a bit of history 




She told the story of the 30 in commissioned bowl that was not meant to be, despite making the bowl the customer did not have the means or insight to know just how large this was.  


one of many kinds

 Her making of purses has evolved and she has even designed hinges for the express application of wooden purses.    They come in all shapes and sizes.  long and round












Denise has been making wood purses on the lathe for sometime.   See a slide show of a class she taught here.


a classic

 Her own website is located here, and a reprint of a AAW article on her work as well as her Bio.



 another shape possible

Her finish is DEFT sprayed in 15 coats over a Tung oil base.