President's Message December 2009 Edgar


Challenge for Jan:   Gnarly, punky, rotten

 First of all, let me propose the President's challenge. Jim Laflin has been suggesting this for a while now. (Maybe he's got something cooked up already...) Anyway, we have recently been focused on making very nice things for the holiday ornament raffle and gift exchange, so now we're going to make something from the gnarliest, punky, rotten piece of turning stock that you have. You may wish to order cyanoacrylate glue in industrial quantities. Mr. Laflin has also suggested that the use of wood hardener be permitted. It is not considered proper to take a perfectly good woodturning and bake it into a charred lump as Tom Haines (inadvertently) did.


The holiday party was a success. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated.   We had 53 attendees signed up (representing 29 members), and I think somebody did a head count to find 56. This is a good turnout for our club, which has 89 members as of the latest directory.


I would like to thank Ken Clifford for securing the venue as well as our requisite permit. Ken also procured the ham and the desserts. Next year, the club will not provide desserts, as we seem to always have leftovers. (A couple of the huge pumpkin pies were donated to the local food bank.) This will open the desserts category for the pot-luck as well. Ken is the first to arrive and the last to leave, and we thank him for this contribution to the club.


Larry Maggi purchased and delivered the large turkey. This was more than enough, but the leftovers (turkey and ham) were carted away in the "doggie" bags. Larry's "hot pork" appetizer was well-appreciated as usual, especially after we dispensed with the toothpicks, and brought out some small plates!


David Vannier gathered the lot of club event paraphernalia (plates, table covers, cutlery, etc) from Jim Laflin's residence, and delivered it just in time so that Mary King and a host of others could complete setting up the tables. Thanks also to the Gannons, who brought the coffee, and also did the photographer honors. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and tear down, and apologies to anyone who I have not called out in particular.


I was quite happy to be the organizer for this event, as it gave me the direct opportunity to "vet" the preparations list. Armed with the list as of last year, I felt rather like Santa -- Making a list, checking it twice. With the help of those mentioned above and others, it was actually pretty easy for me. The only thing I forgot (it wasn't on the list) was the self-adhesive name badges and a pen. I have updated the list, and I fondly hope that next year, someone else will be able to be the organizer!


Highlights of this past year include:


Lowlights:  * Although I have dismantled Robbie the Robot, I haven't tasked out the replacement parts yet.


The next meeting will be 12 January 2010 at the Los Altos Youth Center starting at 19:00 as usual. The upcoming programmes are: January David Vannier Basic Segmentation Part 1 February David Vannier Basic Segmentation Part 2 March Fred Rastgar Peppermills See the public web site ( for details.


Ken Clifford will continue to collect annual dues ($25) at the next two meetings, after which the late penalty applies. John Ross will also resume collecting the $1 fine for not having a turned name badge (new members exempted for a while, at least).


During the holiday season, why not whip out a few tops for the Ronald McDonald house kids? Peter Pipe will gladly collect them.


Happy holidays to all!



Club Message:  Dec Report:  Curtis Vose

Next Meeting will be on January 12th, 2010 at Youth Center, 1 North San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA


Meeting Notes: President Edgar Whipple called the December 8th Christmas Dinner meeting to order at 7:00 PM, with an announcement that the main courses are served.


New Member introductions, the officers report and other club business announcements were bypassed to focus on the season’s festivities.


Christmas Dinner 

The club membership thanks Edgar and the volunteers who helped make the Christmas dinner an outstanding success. The food was delicious and in sufficient quantities to satisfy the inveterate wood collector. This event takes a great deal of behind the scenes work in order make it flow and enjoyable. Thanks to all the members who prepared dishes for the buffet, helped setup and clean up. 


Ornament Raffle

Thanks also goes to all those who turned Christmas ornaments for the annual ornament raffle. Total funds raised will be reported at the next meeting.


Gift Exchange

The highlight of the evening, other than the food, was the gift exchange. Nearly 20 objects were turned by the members and presented for the gift exchange.


The following if a list of some of the members who participated in the exchange, and the gifts that they made:

Ken Clifford – Alder with walnut 7” bowl; Mark Grant - a Redwood burl 8” bowl finished using the Beall polishing system, Mark also turned a 8” tall close form made from Walnut ad Blood wood finished in the same method. Tom Haines – made a mango and purpleheart bowl finished with wipe on poly. Gordon Peterson - turned a segmented bowl, of Mercasar ebony, with a wipe on poly finish. Dave Cannier - turned two large plates, one of California walnut that included sap and heartwood and the other made from California Ash. These objects were both finished using salad bowl finish. Bill Daniels - turned and fabricated a bookmark of Box Elder and brass. He used lacquer to finish the object. Terry Gannon – produced a nice natural edge 5” tall burl bowl completed with Tung oil and wax. Peter Pipe – made a fancy top from 5 different types of wood and finished in Deft. George Lutz – produced two objects, the first a tall burl bowl that was dyed five different colors and the second was burl box with a finial and finished with wipe on poly. Claude Godcharles - made a 4” Calabash from Koa and completed with wide on poly. Harvey Klein had two entries in the exchange, the first a small 2 ½ “bowl from a Indonesian Ivory Palm nut, finished with French friction polish. He also included a raw Ivory palm nut. The second entry was two ornaments. Pat Crowley - made a wonderful duck of maple and holly, sprayed with Deft. Jim Dunaway - turned his first object in more that twenty years in the form of a bottle stopper made from Black Walnut and finished with wipe on poly. Finally Curtis Vose – turned a 7” votive candleholder made from highly figured maple and finished with friction polish.


Presidents Challenge for next month is to be determined.  Log into the Website for details.


Next meeting location: The Youth Center, 1 North San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA

Agenda: demonstration of Part 1 Segmented turning by David Vannier.